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Starting up a Lean Startup

Launching a new enterprise whether it’s a tech start-up, or a film project has always been considered an uphill task. It's the age-old formula of writing a business plan, pitching it to investors, assembling a team, introducing the finished product, and start selling hard.... and hope that it all goes according to plan. Well, the odds are not very encouraging. As research by Harvard Business School’s Shikhar Ghosh shows, 75% of all start-ups fail. I'll just focus on being 25%!

So I now that I have The Martini idea, what are the next steps? I understand that I need to have a prototype as a proof of concept. I came up with a pretty rough design using Adobe XD. Its a great software and very intuitive if you have the basic grasp of other Adobe software like Photoshop or Illustrator. After that, I had no clue on what's next; I'm not a software coder, I didn't study product development, I went to film school. Maybe that could be the education I need. Filmmakers are renowned for diving into a project headfirst well before having a clear and defined plan on how to accomplish it. We just go with the flow.

I googled for some books on how to go about building a software company and I came across The Lean Start-up.

The Lean Startup is an approach suggested by Eric Ries, an American entrepreneur back in 2008. It is a new management philosophy that helps start-ups to move faster and deliver value. After all, it is all about achieving sustainable growth and creating long-term valuable impact.

This book encouragesValidated Learning, it is a unit of progress process and describes learnings generated by trying out an initial idea and then measuring it against potential customers to validate the effect, this is exactly what I needed to get this experimentation off the ground.

It has been 3 weeks since I started reading The Lean Start-Up and I now have a clear understanding of what is required from me. A UI/ UX designer had made some revisions on my initial design and currently, I have a software developer working towards getting Minimum Viable Product (MVP) released in the coming weeks. This book has been a great source of inspiration and will be my true bearing moving forth.

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