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More About Me

First Feature film

The experience of making a first feature film is often a mix of excitement, anticipation, challenge, and a range of emotions.

16mm camera, checking angle

16mm film has a distinct and nostalgic visual quality, characterized by a grainy texture and a unique color palette.

indoor, True Love

Planning shots in directing involves careful consideration of the story, mood, and visual style you want to convey.

Cold Pressed on set

The principle of Chekhov's Gun is not to introduce anything that won't eventually be important to the plot.


Ray-Ban sunglasses have a strong cultural presence, making them recognizable and resonant with audiences.

On set of True Love in Singapore

Filmmaking on location involves shooting a film in real, existing places rather than using constructed sets or studios. This approach provides a genuine and often visually compelling backdrop for the narrative.

Growing up in Singapore, my journey to the forefront of the American entertainment industry has been shaped by a profound passion for storytelling and an unwavering commitment to cultural and racial diversity. The diverse tapestry of South Asian cultures, combined with my exposure to international cinema and Hollywood blockbusters, fueled a dream within me – a dream of bridging cultures and amplifying the voices of various communities through the art of storytelling.

In my role as a visionary film producer, I am dedicated to reshaping the landscape of American cinema by championing narratives that are both culturally and racially diverse. My goal is to tell meaningful stories that resonate with audiences from both South Asian and American backgrounds, all while challenging stereotypes and celebrating the profound diversity within the South Asian community.

At this moment, I find myself passionately immersed in the development of the TV show "Braincell." This project epitomizes my visionary storytelling approach, blending a commitment to diverse narratives with expertise spanning the entertainment and pharmaceutical industries. "Braincell" delves into the intricacies of biotechnology and Pharma fraud in a near-future world of advanced virtual reality, providing a platform for crucial conversations about ethics, culture, and the intersection of technology and humanity.

The founding of AVIP in 2010, my production company dedicated to creating culturally and racially diverse stories around South Asian characters, reflects my unwavering dedication to promoting a broad range of voices. Under my direction, "Braincell" is poised to deliver a groundbreaking and culturally resonant experience, initiating essential dialogues about ethics, culture, and the symbiosis of technology and humanity.

In summary, my journey from Singapore to the heart of the American film industry is characterized by a deep appreciation for cultural and racial diversity. "Braincell" represents not only a visionary film production but also a personal mission to reshape American cinema. I aim to leave a lasting impact on audiences by seamlessly blending storytelling prowess with a unique understanding of the intersection between culture and narrative. This contribution promises to be transformative, making an indelible mark on the landscape of American cinema.

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