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Kickstarting the dream

The other day my wife and I were discussing where we should put the Christmas tree this year. For us to have this conversation in May really shows how ready we are for this year to be over. More importantly, for COVID-19 to be done with. From my research so far, the only way life can really back to 'normal', is when we have a vaccine. Even then, a newly formed vaccine will probably have some side effects that no one wants to deal with either.

Living in the now, I just finished writing a screenplay. I had loads of time being locked in and decided to dedicate some of it to finish up the screenplay for the book that I have optioning rights to for the past 6 years. Could that be my masterpiece? Like Shakespeare writing 'King lear" while in quarantine. Yea right :) I wonder who thought sharing that has a meme would be inspiring?

Anyway while writing that screenplay, it gave me some great ideas on how to make The Martini great. I really see great potential in this software and how it can really help filmmakers collaborate, save time which they can spend with their family and friends, and ultimately make a project that they can be proud of. At times I wish that the app was launched a couple of months ago, just in time for those impacted by COVID to take advantage of. But even though it isn't, I am building The Martini for the future and the Future is Now!

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