• Viknesh Silvalingam

The importance of an integrated software

Recent technological advancements have changed various industries and the film industry is no different. There are multiple software out there to assist the filmmaker, from scriptwriting up to film distribution, which has given rise to the application challenges.

The modern filmmaker doesn't just use one software. A director will probably use Final Draft, Vimeo, Adobe premiere. And if she were to share for example a version of the script, she would have to export a PDF and email the script.

As the need for Enterprises to share their datasets with partners, customers, and even third parties. A compatible integration solution allows us to build, maintain, and manage APIs in the same environment in which other integration works.

One interesting fact is that cloud technology is used by 93% of businesses today. This data was derived pre Covid and post Covid it will only get closer to 100%.

The Martini will provide visibility into all systems and processes and further streamlining the goal towards creativity and efficiency.

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